You may have missed this…

True GreatnessIf you are one of those people who follow my blog and actually read the comments, you have probably been left shaking your head in amazed confusion by something  the churchbad@@  has said.

However, yesterday, he ascended the hill of profunditylike, big-timewith his comment about differences and conflict in the church.  It’s worth putting on the big stage for all to see:

Many moons ago, I manned up and had lunch with the Ass. Pastor  and apologized for walking away from that church and for how the church did my soon to be in-laws wrong.  I think this act matured my faith more than giving a homeless person $$ or watching a Christmas Pageant.

I don’t think non-believers would ever understand why I did this, nor would someone that rides the fence of faith.  We live in a world of “I’ll get you back”

It seems that my common theme anytime I post on your blog is – It’s always “me” that gets in the way of “God Greatness”.   I have no other entity to blame.

I feel like I have gone off topic from your posting, but I feel like that act of church is much more than just setting aside differences – That just seems very passive.  It seems to me that at some point a church member will need to apologize for their actions.  I don’t think there is a way to attend church and not have to say “I am sorry” for something.  Then you will see God’s greatness.

Those are some pretty stinking cool words, BA.

I know sometimes people just need to leave a church family.  It’s not unusual and it’s not the end of the world.

But dealing with the pain of old friendships that simply die when people move on is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to learn to deal withand nobody ever prepared me for.  But it’s my world.

It’s kind of sad knowing that most of them don’t miss our old friendship as much as I do.


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