Bad Religion isn’t just a music group

Bad ReligionI’ve got a new book I’m going to get and read.  It’s called “The Answer to Bad Religion is not No Religion”, by Martin Theilen.  It was reviewed by a blogger I read daily, so I’m taking his word for how good it is.

In his review, he outlined ten marks of good religion.  That’s not a word I use much.  Religion.

These are turbulent times for Christian faith in the public square.   I will never be ashamed of the cross or to call myself a follower of Jesus, but I’ll admit there are many times these days I wish I could crawl in a hole when I see what people do or hear what they say on behalf of the God of the Bible.

If feel as if bad religion has moved front and centerlike it’s my identity I’m forced to live with in our post postmodern culture.  And I have to watch more and more people choose no religion as their response to god.  Or God.  Yuck.

It’s time for someone to tell us what good religion is supposed to look like.  This is pretty good stuff:

1.  Good religion impacts the way we liveevery day of the week and not just on Sundays.

2.  Good religion prioritizes love.  Like, really loving.

3.  Good religion engages in serving others.

4.  Good religion provides a prophetic voice.

5.  Good religion builds community.

6.  Good religion is filled with hope.

7.  Good religion keeps an open mind.

8.  Good religion practices forgiveness: it’s hard work, takes time, does not condone bad behavior, does not always lead to reconciliation, and is for our benefit.

9.  Good religion promotes gratitude.

10.  Good religion practices evangelism: lifestyle, relational, invitational.

So how’s your religion?  Good or bad?



2 thoughts on “Bad Religion isn’t just a music group

  1. It is refreshing to refer to religion as if it is possible for it to be a good term. To often we hear of religion and immediately assume that it only refers to dead rituals. There are good rituals also that help christians to live out the lifestyle described by the list mentioned here. I’m anxious to see what this book has to say.

  2. I just saw an interview with Geddy Lee. He was ask “are you religious?” Lee said no but he believes in “positive energy”.
    So my thought is, can the 10 items described be done with Positive Energy? But a believer will put God first in the items above.
    So I can see the fine line of why do something from the old days and be religious, than to believe in god this day and age.

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