Father Abraham and the faith “framily”

Father Abraham

Father Abraham had many sons.

Many sons had Father Abraham.

I am one of them.

And so are you.

The promise that Abraham and his heirs would possess the earth was given because of God’s decision to create a relationship based on trust, not works.  That’s the message of Paul’s letter to the Romans.  The family of God is open to allnot just the Jews. Everyone is welcome.

Abraham is not our racial fatherhe is our faith father.  The message is that Gentiles can come into the family on equal footing. God’s intent has always been a multi-cultural family, full diversity and all different kinds of people bound together by a common trust in his promises, not religious ritual or duty.

Even though God chose a special people (the Jews) to use to teach us and usher in the answer (the Messiah) for how people could become right with God, he always made room for differences.  Jews and Gentiles of Paul’s day couldn’t have been more different… culturally (customs and traditions)economically, politically, educationally, spiritually.

Just like us.

Yesterday in my sermon, I told of my love of the new Sprint commercials advertising their new “Framily Plan”how both friends and family can share the same account.  THE COMMERCIALS ARE AWESOME.  I can’t get enough of them.  They are theologically rich and a perfect picture of the North Point familyfull of diversityfull of crazyopen to all, especially those without a family.

Here are the six commercials playing regularly… for your viewing pleasure.  Watch them.  It will be the best three minutes of your day.  Maybe your whole week.  (If you subscribe by email, you may need to go directly to my blog to view them.)

If you are part of the North Point Framily, which character are you?  If you are looking for a “framily” to be part of, look no further.  There is a place for you with us.



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