May your heart be moved also…

YesallwomenYears ago, I began struggling with the theological and practical teachings of male authority and female submission that was championed in the church of my upbringing and modeled in my home. Once I hit my young adult years, there was no looking back as I abandoned the traditional Bible interpretation of male “headship” and embraced (for me), the more loving and Christlike Bible interpretation of mutual submission in all of my relationships with womenespecially with Wanda.

I owe much to the generous, wise, and prophetic teaching of women like Naomi Krueger.  My heart was moved tonight, as I read this prayer she wrote:

A Prayer of Lament for #YesAllWomen

O Lord, how long must we wait for you? Will you forget us forever?

We are your children, daughters of Eve. Co-heirs with Christ.  And yet, we are tormented. Day and night, sons of Adam exert their power over us.

The Curse on Eden rings raw and loud in our ears as we witness the unspeakable against our sisters.

And he shall rule over you. And he shall rule over you.

We followers of The Way know this curse is empty now, and yet…

The wails of women echo throughout millennia from the injustice heaped on their backs, their bosoms rocking with sorrow for stones thrown, futures decided, innocence shattered, lives stolen.

Have you forgotten us God? How long must we wait for you? Would it take wearing sackcloth and kneeling in ashes for you to hear my prayer?

Hundreds of schoolgirls are snatched from their Nigerian village by brutal men, threatening forced marriages and violence. We grieve the national and international inaction. We balk at the horror of stealing daughters from the safe space of school.

Come, Lord Jesus.

Tens of millions of women are sold into sexual slavery, meeting an insatiable demand from our police chiefs, brothers, football fans, hunters, bachelor parties, average-men-down-the-street.

I thought the curse was lifted, God. Why can I still hear it?

Your daughter Meriam Ibrahim, cries out in the pains of childbirth behind prison bars in Sudan for standing firm in her faith in Jesus, for marrying a follower of Christ. Her enemies surround her, eager to flog her. To kill her. Thirsty for her martyrdom.

Come, Lord Jesus.

A Pakistani family murders their daughter with stones outside a courthouse, punishing her for an unapproved marriage. Her blood wails from the ground, pleading for freedom.

There are no words. Holy Spirit, groan with us. Holy Spirit intercede.

A man in California goes on a murderous rampage, blaming his anger on women who neglected his advances. Violently responding to female indifference, he takes six lives and then his own.

Will you forget us forever, Oh Lord?

Millions of women around the world take to Twitter to share stories of abuse, rape, mistreatment by men.   #YesAllWomen  affects us all.

 Oh, God. It’s just too much.

You proclaimed a kingdom where the lowly are blessed, the weak are protected, where the lion lays down with the lamb, but it’s not here yet. Where is it? When will it come?

Come, Lord Jesus. Let your Kingdom Come. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

How long must we wait?

May your life be enriched and your theology be challenged by these words.  

Mine is.


One thought on “May your heart be moved also…

  1. My wife, Dara, is 100% her own intelligent, determined, broken, and honest human being. She is beautiful and trustworthy and conflicted and diligent and in-your-face-real. She is not my subordinate, my dependent, subservient, or lacking in judgement. A patriarchal view of marriage is the most frustrating and weak perspective on a healthy relationship I can imagine. Never will I look at Dara or any other woman as second to me or another male. It’s a fallacy. It’s hurtful. It’s wrong. I thank God often I am a male not because it somehow grants me permission to be ‘in charge’, but rather because I can not fathom the strength it takes to be a woman. My mother, my sisters, my female friends…all blessed with the unthinkable task of remaining strong and focused while enduring the barrage of ridiculous assumptions that they are somehow weaker than men. If we could only switch roles for one day, the world would be a much different place. Marriage is 100% – 100%, never 50-50.

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