The greatest lesson

DadThere was a time when I was a little younger that I offered advice on parenting more freely than I do these days.   Now that I’m completely on the other side of being a parent, it’s pretty easy to look back and see how much I didn’t knowand how far short I fell of being the kind of dad I wanted to be.

(It’s possible my boys might see me a little differently, because they would have a tough time seeing what I see…)

When my boys were young and really short, I wrote down goals for themthings I hoped they would learn, believe and become.  I also had (and still have) goals for me as a dad, a husband, a pastor, a friend, and a follower of Christ.  Those three sheets of paper (remember paper?) have always meant everything to me.

If anybody is ever interested in what I’ve learned as a dad, I’m always willing to pass on what I know.  But anymore, I usually wait until people ask, rather than dishing out unsolicited wisdom.  Honestly, you gotta want it, if it’s going to do any good.

However, I thought I’d pass on the best piece of parenting advice I knowwhether you want to know it or not:


It’s both that simple and that difficult.  Expecting them to become something you‘re not is hypocritical, unfair, and destined to fail.

You have no guarantee of how your kids are going to turn out, no matter what the experts say.   When they are young, your influence is great.  As they grow into their teenage and college years, your words will not carry as much weight as they did in the early daysbut your example will always be speaking.

Take care of yourself.  Be the man or woman who God is calling you to be.  Give your kids a consistent picture of what you hope they will become.

I promise you it will matter.

That, I know.


One thought on “The greatest lesson

  1. This was a great timed post for me. I lost my cool a couple of days ago in front of my daughter. It upset her. I am not perfect. I realize my kids are always watching, everything. So I can only say I am sorry and move on. I hope the take away for her is issues come and go, but to have the same forgiveness in her heart that I have in mine.

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