My first letter to Tatum…

baby girl(This really isn’t a picture of her.  Apparently there are some new paparazzi rules that apply to grandparents and social media we have yet to work out…)


Welcome to the world.  Yesterday was quite a day.  I wonder if you were trying to lay down some early ground rules about who’s the boss?  

If you were, you definitely made a statement.

I’m already looking forward to the day we can sit down and talk and I can tell you some amazing stories about your daddyand some about your mommy, too.   Until then, I’m going to write to you.  Actually, I’ve already been writing to your cousins, Holden and Nolan for a few years.  You’ll need to make sure your mommy and daddy read those letters to you, too, someday.  In fact, I’ll probably start writing some things to all three of you.  It’s just my way of passing on a little of what it means to be part of the Farra tribe…

For now, let me tell you a most important truth…

Some people look at your birth and see it as an incredible miracle.  They see the details of your tiny fingers and toes and lose their breath at the beauty and intricacy.  They are overwhelmed with the formation of miniature organs that function as a beautiful symphony.  

Others see your birth as a great mystery.  Your body is made of the perfect interrelation of a central nervous system and bones and muscles and ligaments and blood and oxygen and tissue and cells and antibodies and bacteria and hormones and thousands of other minute details.  The science of the development of human life is beyond amazing.

But when I looked at you last night for the first time, I saw neither a miracle, nor a mystery.  I simply saw the handiwork of God unfold again.  To me, your birth happened exactly as God designed births to happen. Oh, you’re unique.  There will never be another Tatum Reese Farra.  But life was breathed into you the same way it has been breathed into every other human being since the beginning of time.  By the breath of God.

Tatum, you are more than skin and bones and organs.  You are different from all other living matter.  You are made in the image of your Creator.  That means there is more to you than meets the eye.  It means you have a soul and a spirit.  You have the capacity to think and act on your own.  You are free to love with recklessness.

Your heart is more than an organ that moves blood and oxygen along in your little body.  It is the center of who you arethat place inside of you that will make decisions and  commitments and build trust and act with compassion.  It is that place where, someday, you will have to decide what is true and what is most important in life.

And this is neither a mystery, nor a miracle.  It is how God breathes life into his little image-bearers.

My prayer will be that you reflect that image, boldly and confidently, every day of your life.

Welcome to the world, Grasshopper.

Love, Papi.


2 thoughts on “My first letter to Tatum…

  1. Thanks for sharing your letters to your grandchildren with us. I’m tearing up over here reading your letter to Tatum. She, along with Holden and Nolan, are so lucky to have you and Wanda as Mimi and Papi. The wisdom and love you pour into them, and ultimately everyone in your lives, is astounding.

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