Light bulbSuch a bad season.

I haven’t written regularly since the beginning of summer…about three or four times a month.  That’s it.

There are some legit reasons why.  My building projects around the house have been consuming, both emotionally and physically.  I’m not the kind of writer that generally sits down at the keyboard and just starts writing.  I usually think about what I’m going to write for a while, before I ever start to create it.

That’s just not been the case lately.

Another reason is volume.  There have been a lot of hot topics in recent months and it seems like everybody’s got an opinion and the social media world is saturated with people expressing those opinions.

Most of the time, I feel like my voice would just add to the noise.

I’ve definitely read more and listened more in the past six months.  A lot has gone on. A lot.  And there have been some amazing men and women who have written on some really volatile and divisive issues (racism, domestic abuse, law enforcement, gun control, poverty, homosexuality, terrorism, child abuse, toxic church leadership, politics) that have challenged my thinking and pierced my heart.

I have loved reading the wisdom of others, as they carefully navigate the waters of misunderstanding, pain, mistrust, and despair in a broken world.

Some were prophetic.   Others were simply voices of reason.  So many reflected the heart and mind of Jesus with eloquence and compassion.  Most of those I have been reading regularly, leave me humbled and moved to silence and reflection…rather than compelling me to drop my opinion on the world to behold.

Because of the writings of others, the events of Ferguson have made me think more with the mind of Christ.  Because of the writings of others, I am much more willing to listen carefully and compassionately to the other side.  Because of the writings of others, I am quicker to listen and slower to speak…and much more open to admit I don’t have all the answers.

Because of the writings of others…especially recently…I have realized that following the example and words of Jesus in our talk and in our writing and in our actions, will definitely put us in a minority position.

Even among people who claim to be christian.

I hope my writing inspires you the same way.  At least once in a while.


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