Marriage Tuesday

Marriage TuesdayLife can be difficult.  Unpredictable.  Scary.  Frustrating.  Tragic.  Erratic.  Intimidating. Volatile.  Terrifying.  Maddening.  Full of grief and all kinds of sorrow.

In life, we move from the protective covering of our parents.  Our children grow up, move out, and make lives of their own.  Friends and extended family have messes of their own to contend with.   As much as we would like to lean on them to help us get through the muddle, sometimes they just can’t.  Or won’t.  Or shouldn’t.

But the one physical constant we have through the messiness of life is our partner.

Anybody can be married when things are great.  When money’s rolling in.  When the kids are kicking butt, making grades, and doing you proud.  When the job is stress-free.  When your ride has the new car smell.

But we live in a broken world.  We live every day under the sentence of death and everything that leads up to it.  Our journey will be filled with questions pressing us from every side. Loneliness and darkness hover.  The Enemy is always present.

What happens to your marriage when you get that phone call or that envelope or that email?

What happens to your marriage when death knocks at the door?  What happens to your vows when disaster comes flirting?  What happens to your “richer-poorer-sickness-health” promises when the unthinkable becomes reality?  What happens to your love when fear or sadness grips your soul?

This is why we never take our marriages for granted.  This is why we cultivate and nurture our life partnership.  This is why we invest in communication and forgive constantly and put up protective walls.

And listen carefully to the Author of marriage.


One thought on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. mike I haven’t posted in a while and this article made we want to.

    You are RIGHT! Anyone can be married when times are good. It takes resolve, communication, admitting when you are wrong, dating your partner, never losing sight of why you chose to spend the rest of your life with that person, and above all not conforming to the world around us. A world that puts no value in the sanctity of marriage. A world that says marriage has a 3-5 year life span. A world that places more value on the physical things or material things you must accumulate during that marriage. A world where kingdom principles are frowned upon. A world that says something is wrong with your marriage if you argue.

    It’s sad really. And who do we have to blame? Is it our parents, for the examples they provided (if divorced), is it the hypocritical church leaders? Is society to blame?

    I would answer no to all of these questions. We can’t blame our parents because marriages are no longer arranged. We can’t blame hypocritical church leaders because they are sinners too and fall short of the glory of God. We can’t blame society because society as a whole has basically kicked GOD to the curb.

    We must look at ourselves. How is our relationship with Jesus? Do you pray for your spouse on a daily basis? Do you and your spouse pray together? Do you apply kingdom principles in your marriage? Or, Are you just going thru the motions because of the commitment you made?

    No one said marriage was all butterfly kisses and romantic walks on the beach. It’s hard. One of the hardest commitments to keep but also one of the most rewarding if you continually nurture it.

    If you fail to water a plant, it can sustain itself for a little while but will eventually die. Marriage is no different. Continue to water, prune, re-pot, plant new seeds etc. Eventually, you will have a beautiful garden and will be able to pick some of those plants and give them to other new couples. Forgive the metaphor, but it’s true.

    I didn’t mean to write a novel, but this post spoke volumes to me.

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