I am the Cricket Whisperer

cricketsIn honor of the serious overtime the crickets have been working on my blog over the past two days, I have decided to give them some much needed time off.  Crickets are simply not built for this kind of muscle…

Sooo, I’m going for max comments on Friday.  I need to write about what you want to talk about.  I need to write about something that will peak your interest, light a fire underneath your seat, jump-start your opinions, and get your blood boiling.

If the crickets are drawn into work again, they could explode.  Exploding crickets are something none of us wants to face.  Trust me.

So here are the three potential topics for Friday.  And they are reaaallly good ones! After you vote today, I will write on the winning topic, you all will respond in epic fashion, and the crickets will be saved.  You will have performed more than just your civic duty…you will have spared an entire species.  Here goes:

  1. I’ve got a meme of a cat stuck in a toilet.  It had about a thousand “likes” on Facebook and just about as many comments.  Animals and toilet humor are apparently really popular topics.  It could be an awesome breakthrough on my blog.
  2. Since most of my friends reside either in SoCal or The Great State, I could throw out a few of my favorite things about each location and then let you all argue yourselves into a comment coma, live on my blog.
  3. We could all say what is our favorite flavor of ice cream.

Again, in order to spare the crickets a slow, excruciating death by silence, it’s important we move on to more popular topics.

So vote.




7 thoughts on “I am the Cricket Whisperer

  1. Well … what about option 4 …??? THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS! Two SEC Road Victories in a row against ranked opponents! Bowl Eligible! BUT still not ranked in the top 25??? WTH?
    OR option 5 … The Taylor Swift career crossover? How is it going? Did she betray country or was she ever country?
    If none of these are options then ice cream will be my vote…

  2. But.. the best cricket is a dead cricket… I’ve only been to SoCal twice, enjoyed it, but couldn’t tell you a thing… I guess it’s ice cream…

  3. I think you should write about who is the better 7 loss team… The Arlington Cowboys or the Los Angeles Chargers. So I guess my vote is for the cat stuck in the toilet.

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