Of riding bicycles

bicycle 1Maybe this will help…

They say it’s like riding a bike.  You never really forget how to do it.  You just get back on and start pedaling again and as soon as you do, it will all come back and it will be as if you never stopped riding at all.

Well, that may be true of bicycling, but there’s no way it’s true of writing.

Nevertheless, I am getting back on the bike tonight.  I left the training wheels on, just to be safe, tho.  I’m a little scared of face-planting and being laid up for a few weeks again.  I’ll try to beware of the potholes.  Metaphorically speaking…

The truth is, I’m doing really well with my daily post-sawzall-to-the-sternum  dance I’ve been doing for the past 13 weeks.  I’ve graduated from cardiac  rehab (I was the class valedictorian).  I’m at the gym four times a week, doing the hardest kind of workouts I’ve done since I was in my 30’s.  It’s pretty crazy.  Physically, I feel better than I ever dreamed I would feel at this point in my playing career.  Maybe I should take my talents to South Beach…

Mentally and emotionally?  Well, it’s another story.  Doctors, counselors, and open-heart surgery vets say it can take months, or even years, to get back to normal in the mind and emotions.  Sheesh.

It’s only been three months, and I’ve grown impatient.  No mental focus at all.  None. Reading for any length of time is nearly impossible.  Writing a weekly sermon is a total beatdown.  Getting sidetracked is an hourly circus.  If this is what adult ADD looks like, I hear there’s a pill.

Trying to write…even once in a while…is the grind of all grinds.  I sit down with my laptop everyday, fully intending to illuminate the masses, only to find myself grabbing the remote and watching reruns of NCIS.

Maybe I just need a new padded seat for my bike.

I’ve always believed there is a fine line between acknowledging the truth and whining and making excuses.  I think I’ve pretty much crossed that line…

Speaking of truth, I went and broke a promise to myself tonight.  I wandered on to Facebook to see if I could kick start my writing by feeling some inspiration.  Geez.  What was I thinking?  All I felt was my blood pressure start to get jacked up.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll go back to listening to the wisdom of Tony DiNozzo for inspiration.  And if you don’t know who Tony DiNozzo is, you definitely have more focus than I do…

Here’s hoping.




4 thoughts on “Of riding bicycles

  1. I’m proud of you for coming onto FaceBook and participating in life! It’s good to get your feelings out on paper. Baby steps👍 You are going to be ok, and You sound 100% normal after a you have been thru. ( I’m a nurse, so I have seen this happen with my patients). Have faith, keep on preserving. It’s going to be ok. I enjoy your posts always. Happy Memorial Day to you.

    Sent from my space ship


  2. I think you are the makings of a fine writer. I look forwards to you writing more. You seem to be able to relate very well and there is real honesty in your words.

    Whoever said life was easy and fair? Life must be fought for and what is right should replace fairness. You can be sure the Lord will work good from your trials and tribulations. I heard it once said that when you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, remember to KEEP WALKING! In addition, remember the words, “and this too shall past”.
    Wishing you not only a quick healing, but a healing better than before.

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