I’m tired.

TruthNot physically.  I get enough sleep.  My muscles get stronger every day.  No.  I’m tired in a different way altogether.

I’m tired of working so hard to find out if people are speaking the truth or not.

Years ago, I took most everything at face value.  Honesty was a value I was raised with and came to expect from others.  It was especially a value I expected from people in positions of power and influence.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

These days, I now know I can’t really trust anybody that I don’t know personally.

I can’t trust any news outlet.  I don’t believe that any of them are fair or balanced.  They say what their audience wants them to say, otherwise they would lose their audience. They may believe what they are saying is the truth, but anymore, even a casual fact-check will call their reporting into question.

(I realize that fact-checking sites and watch-dog blogs are equally subject to bias and need to be carefully researched and cross-checked for truth.  And I have developed the habit of doing this. Thus…the reason I am tired.)

I cannot…no, will not trust a politician.  Things have changed.  I cannot consistently believe the words that come out of their mouths.  Maybe they truly believe what they are saying.  Maybe not.  Either way, they are saying what they feel they need to say to get…or stay…elected.  They say what their constituency wants to hear.  Whether it is 100% accurate (or a complete fabrication) is completely irrelevant.

There was a time when coaches, ministers, teachers, police officers, military brass, counselors, social service officials and others, could be trusted to tell the truth, simply because of the honesty and integrity associated with their position.  Well, that’s a piece of distant history.

And let’s not even go down the road of the collective wisdom that is flippantly (and carelessly) traded on the world wide interweb.

But this isn’t all bad.

There was a time I was leading a high school Bible study and for the whole time I was teaching, I told lies and half-truths.  I made everything sound really spiritual.  I taught with deep conviction.  I made sure my facial expressions and body language were sincere and convincing.

After 20 or 30 minutes of teaching (complete with questions and answers), I came clean. And then proceeded to teach them the truth I really wanted them to grasp.  Don’t believe something just because someone in an influential position says it.  God gave us brains and we are to use them.  Think.  Ask questions.  Don’t trust a religious “expert”, just because they have a title or a following.  Study.  Research.  Use the gifts God has given you.  Diligently seek the truth.  Above all, take responsibility for your own spiritual journey.

Honestly, I think we may now be living in an era where truth and honesty in the social setting is gone.  The ends justifying the means is now the standard we have come to accept in almost all areas of public life.  Yeah.  I believe the bar is that low.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for the seeker of God’s truth.

6 thoughts on “I’m tired.

  1. Here’s the deal about Truth: If I wanted to, I could take one of your sermons and splice it to fit what ever agenda I choose. I could make you look like world peace on acid, or a High and mighty worthless piece of S*%# pastor. Then post to Facebook. Somewhere in the middle, is the truth.

    Truth is boring, pedestrian.

    Lies and misconceptions are fun, captivating, and burn up lots of internet bandwidth.

    I find my self listening(reading from social media) less and less to those who post anything about social or political issues. I say quietly “bless your heart”. The ultimate southern cut down.

    I do find it funny since you are a pastor, you should be used to the constant non-truths.
    “My wife is sick, we couldn’t come to church today(in the back ground you hear “FORE!”)”

  2. As a retired corporate executive, now self employed for 14 years, I thought of two things, one being I have never been in a corporate staff meeting out of many hundreds where people weren’t lied to and I was also guilty of spreading those lies to by corporate design, My favorite was since we just acquired your company R. B. Rice last week, don’t worry your jobs are safe; we respect your hard work, six to eight weeks later on a Sunday night under the cover of darkness a security company locked the employees out, and our trucks took all the equipment to one of our non union plants. I said to an executive coworker late that night in a bar, do you think we will ever get to heaven? His response was after putting 800 plus families out of work in the middle of winter in a small Midwest town, I doubt it, but at least we kept our jobs, our company cars and stock options, I looked at him in my inebriated state and said right, as our job descriptions say you are responsible for all tasks assigned; and into the valley of death and despair rode the 400.

    The first time was when I was a handicapped student (high school football injury) at Saint Andrews Presbyterian College in North Carolina. If a student questioned the freshman theology PHD he would tell us that every Thursday night at nine in the evening God would appear in his study and talk directly to him, after six weeks of this insanity, I raised my hand and asked him to ask God what I had done to “piss him/her off resulting in no feeling from the hips down?” The class roared and I got sent to meet the Dean for a meeting, my next trip to the Dean was that I had the nerve to ask a native American Indian (Lumbbee Tribe I believe) young lady to a festival at the college. I was asked by the Dean, what is wrong with the many fine Christian America females at this school? I responded I don’t like them, they have a stick up their…… and she is more American than anyone else here if I understand my history correctly. I was labeled a disturbing element and shortly there after sent home. My point here is that TRUTH is a foreign language that no one knows how to speak, even to ourselves though we like to think we do! Enjoy your blog, Cordially James Boyer

  3. Brandon Heath sings a song called “I’m Not Who I Was,” and in it he talks about growing and changing with God’s grace. I know for our family we have so much change and our plans feel like they only know how to travel by detours that I get embarrassed that I can’t control my own plan for life or stick it out. It is all a journey but we do change and both get broken and hopefully grow. The only constant that I can see is God’s love. That should be enough but I am still trying to control a plan according to this world so it is not. This is when that truth blurs because we are called out of this world so we can’t hold on and serve fully. As long as people think they got this alone, nothing will be possible, not even truth. Complete surrender and seeking forgiveness for all the perceived shortcomings to seek the possible that is only attainable with God is the truth and light we are called to seek. Maybe it even starts with just loving and trusting even when the brokenness lies and tells us otherwise. Hang in there.

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