The fruit of my randomness

BloggingSome things I’m thinking tonight…

Do I believe every non-criminal, non-terrorist, otherwise law-abiding gun owner in the US is a careful, moral, mentally stable, disciplined, responsible, and well-trained gun owner?  Not on your life.  Or my life, for that matter.  But it is their right as an American citizen to own guns.  This is a reality I accept.

I understand the sentiment behind the statement, “Guns don’t kill people…people kill people.”  But if I were a gun guy, I would never use that statement as support for my position.  It’s weak, illogical, and easily opposed.  There are much better arguments.

Do I believe the majority of alcohol drinkers have driven a vehicle while they were drunk, impaired, or even slightly buzzed?  You bet.  Probably the overwhelming majority.  Do I believe they are a danger to people when they do this?.  Definitely.  But it is their right as American citizens to take that risk and as long as they don’t get caught, no harm…no foul.

Do I believe every adult (18 and over) who has sex, is prepared to be a responsible parent? Of course not.  But it is our right as American citizens to pursue our own happiness, no matter how reckless, selfish, or irresponsible it might be.  Including making babies they are ill-equipped to love, train, and provide for.  And we all know condoms never fail, right?

I hate that our rights and freedoms as American citizens are our most treasured values.  I wish our care and concern for the common good was just as treasured.  My perspective may be skewed on this, but it’s certainly the way I see it.

I have no doubt that God does not recognize borders…at least in the way we see borders. Through the Word, I know that God loves everyone.  God does not show favoritism.  God is not willing for anyone to be rejected and perish.  God sees everyone equally in need and equal in worth and value.  I have always prayed for God to help me see with his eyes and feel with his heart.  Do I dare pray that I would see borders the way he does, also?

I hope not, but I think Kevin Durant may have made a huge mistake.

I have been using a “digital” Bible as my primary Bible for the past six years.  I am beginning to think it would be better for me to go back to carrying and using a printed, physical copy of the  Bible again.  I’ll tell you why sometime soon.

I just got to spend the better part of four days with my dear friends from India.  I am amazed, encouraged, challenged, and convicted by our similarities in thinking and practice regarding the church.  And we live out our faith in two dramatically different cultures.

My post surgery focus-attention-thinking-writing-creating deficit disorder isn’t really getting a whole lot better.  But it has to.  Soon.  A twist on the whole “necessity is the mother of invention” thing may have to come into play in the next few weeks…

I’ve been alive over 62 years.  62 years!  I wish I were smarter.  Wiser.  Stronger.  Deeper. More compassionate.  More faithful.  More loving.  More forgiving.  A better friend.  A better husband.  A better father.  A better leader.  A better example.  But, hey.  Look at it this way:  I’ve only been at it 62 years.

Until the next time I get inspired…


2 thoughts on “The fruit of my randomness

  1. If you don’t mind I will be using your last, or next to last if one wants to be technical paragraph at my 70th birthday party next week. Well said and well written! You are getting up to speed whether you realize it or not.Thank You.

  2. Well put. Just because we have the freedom and the “rights” does not always mean we should. I have the right to cram my plus size body in to a bikin and wear it most anywhere I want to go. However when I exercise my right I infringe on your right not to be visably assaulted in public. So i used wisdom in the exercise of my rights. Freedoms and “rights” are not really the issue. It is wisdom most are lacking. Just my thoughts.

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