Really. I’m just thinking.

brainSome things I’m thinking this afternoon…

We are getting teased with a little bit of Fall right now, but it’s going back to 90 degrees on Sunday.  This dance happens every year and I don’t like it.

Instead of complaining about Donald Trump being unfairly targeted by Lester Holt’s unbalanced questioning, the Trump camp should have been turning cartwheels.  More questions, more opportunities to control the debate…more opportunities to change the narrative.  He should have seized the moment.  Hillary’s the one that should be complaining about Lester Holt.

Here’s a little basketball in the midst of fall football and baseball chatter.  I have now become a massive OKC Thunder and Russ Westbrook fan.  Like, overnight.  They are now my new favorite NBA team.  Tired of the Clippers.  Mavs have moved into second place. Sorry Dirk, you’re still my favorite, but I need a team to root for that has a chance to win it all.  Russ > Kevin.  OKC > Warriors.

Some people can be good friends with most any kind of personality type.  Others are just too put off and uncomfortable with certain personality types or kinds of people to be good friends with them.  The wall goes up at first glance.  How sad.  We need all the good friendships we can get.

What is it with grandparents that makes them so deluded?  They look at their own grandkids and see the cutest, smartest, most gifted, better-than-any-other-grandkid-that-ever-walked-on-the-earth.  Guilty.

Being the guy who just had heart surgery really defined me for a few months.  Now it just seems like a distant thing of the past.

I wonder if people are walking out on Sunday mornings thinking the message they just heard was really nothing more than “try harder”?

I think one of the biggest problems people of faith present to the watching world is when we say God is good, but we act like spoiled, entitled children when our experiences are not.

The best new TV show of the season is Designated Survivor (my bias has been well documented).  People are openly wishing this show was the truth and not fiction.  I never thought I would say this, but President Kirkman is already greater than President Palmer.  

Best thing I’ve read this week…an answer Eugene Peterson gave to a question he was asked:

Q: If you were asked by someone to describe what is at the heart of the work of pastoring and shepherding, what would you say?

EP: I’d tell them that pastoring is not a very glamorous job. It’s a very taking-out-the-laundry and changing-the-diapers kind of job. And I think I would try to disabuse them of any romantic ideas of what it is. As a pastor, you’ve got to be willing to take people as they are. And live with them where they are. And not impose your will on them. Because God has different ways of being with people, and you don’t always know what they are.


Pride says, “I know I am right.  I know you are wrong.  I need to tell you that.”  Humility says, “I think I’m right.  You think you’re right.  Let’s get some chips and salsa and talk.” Do you see the difference?

Back to sermon prep…


6 thoughts on “Really. I’m just thinking.

  1. I trust Trump more than Hilary. It looks like Trump is required to fight against globalism instead of just Hilary. So many people are against Trump. As a former pastor I would rather deal with an ego maniac like Trump than an habitual liar like Hilary.

    1. You may want to spend less time watching Fox News as they have spent over 20 years trying to destroy Mrs Clinton with innuendo and 1/2 truths. Their dismissed CEO, a friend of the Donald’s, and a former Nixon speechwriter has about 20 lawsuits from sexual assault and harassment. As a former pastor I would have hoped you would have done more research on the 100 + small business he (Trump) has failed to pay, not to mention that the only credit he can get is from Russia and the state controlled National Bank of China. The God I pray to does not support sexism by men who demean women with their manly 3rd grade mindset and small hands. There is a reason she will win, there are not enough old under educated white racists around to vote for him, and for that I am very grateful. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just not their own set of made up facts. Have a nice day and make sure and vote!

  2. Your point about humility is well taken. It is one thing to have an opinion and it is quite another how you voice that opinion. Today opinions are not always based on fact or right and wrong. Without a moral base opinions cannot be correctly constructed. Similar to problems solving, which I am well versed in, the first action is to define the problem and understand the moving parts. The second part is to analyze possible solutions and pick the best one meeting the requirements.
    Most of the time humans fail in part I and do not define the problem properly. Now, they go off half cocked, latch on to prejudices, imaginations, and a list of guesses that are not correct and cause more problems. Any solution to the problem will not work well and can make the problems worst with unintended consequences. Jesus was a good example. He defined the problem(s) and, with humility, expressed the solutions. Sometime others disagreed, but he did not go to war with them or not love them. Let’s face it, most of us are opinionated, but we usually will only listen to someone who cares for us first. Without a bridge of love you cannot communicate and hope to influence others. Listening is indeed an acquired art which most of us, including me, need work in. If you are closed minded, you have shut yourself off from the acquisition of TRUTH and healthy change.
    Think before you open your mouth and use your words with humility, respecting others with kindness and love. You do not know what others are going through and have words that uplift. Above all, learn to receive correction as a wise man does. This is most difficult but so rewarding.

  3. Love the randomness of the post. Just had to reply on this one area “I wonder if people are walking out on Sunday mornings thinking the message they just heard was really nothing more than “try harder”?

    I think one of the biggest problems people of faith present to the watching world is when we say God is good, but we act like spoiled, entitled children when our experiences are not.”

    The last 4 years have been trying on me to say the least. In some form or fashion everything I have believed or thought personally and spiritually have been attack. Many times I have left church thinking yep that is the problem I just don’t pray enough, fast enough, have it together enough. I have screamed and yelled at God that he did not do this or he allowed this to happen. Had a few melt downs like a big ole spoiled baby. But I have also discovered that God is my Father. And like the perfect Father that he is, some days he said you need a hug, somedays he said you need a time out, somedays he said Don’t make me give you what you deserve, and other days he reminded me that the world is not good and some of the disappointment and pain and hurt is because I had my eyes on the world and not him. Now do I have down perfect, NOPE. But slowly God is picking me up and putting back the pieces he wants me to keep, tossing out the pieces that caused some of the issues, cleaning up the pieces that are usable, but tarnished. And he is saying to me….stop trying so hard cause if you could do it on your own you would not need me….try trusting me more, reading my word and knowing me more, and for the love of all things in Christ Jesus stop looking at the world so much and place your eyes, your dreams, your hope, your future, your all in ME.
    The only nugget I got from church today is when the pastor said, the only thing that can remove us from the will of God is ourselves. He loved us enough to give us the freedom of choice and he knew that sometimes we would choose things that were not what he wanted for us, but even then he still gave us the ability to choose.

    Just me 2 cents.

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