I suppose…

Light bulbThe King of my life… was a rebel-leader who routinely broke the law in service to a higher law.  Let that sink in.

As much as I love the energy and cultural connection of modern musical worship…it more often than not, leaves me wanting and in need of corporate worship that is less dependent on performance artists.

After ten days in SoCal… it sure looks like the only pro football team that area cares about is the Oakland Raiders.  LA doesn’t want or deserve the Chargers. #stillinmourning

Whataburger > In-N-Out.  For me, it’s official.

Do not lie.  Always tell the truth.  Parents know this. Good children know this.  Why is it no longer a treasured value in our culture?  Where are the role models?

A friend brought up the idea of a sabbatical to me.  Nope. I will work hard not to be judgmental of those who feel they need them.  I throw up a little in my mouth at the thought of people who think they deserve them.

I’m learning to be a grandparent as I go.  I only met one of my grandparents. Neither of my parents were around long enough to show me how.  There is a special love I have for my grandkids…an unexpected surprise I didn’t see coming.

It’s going to be 109 degrees in Lewisville today.  But it’s a dry heat. Like a furnace on high.

The very best youth ministry…always has been and always will be parents who model Jesus’ love for people and love for the church to their kids.  The problem? Most parents struggle with that and won’t ask for help.


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