if you’re a newbie,  here’s some stuff you might want to know about me…

childhood – i was born in san diego, california in the summer of 1954…grew up about fifteen minutes from the mexico border.   i’m an only child.   we were a blue-collar family…my dad was a carpenter and my mom stayed at home.   no frills…no extras.   probably more of a mama’s boy than i want to admit!   i always loved baseball.

teenage and college years – i was not a trouble-maker…an average student…played some high school football and even won some honors!  played the trumpet and french horn…started out as a music major in college…played football in junior college,  but wasn’t big enough to play when i transferred.   graduated from san diego state university with a degree in recreation administration,  with an emphasis in outdoor education and wilderness experience.   took seven and a half years to get my degree…but i got to play a lot of cool sand volleyball in-between classes!

romance – i met wanda when we were fifteen years old…she started coming to my church and it was over for me!   this was the summer of my junior year in high school and we have been together ever since.   we dated five years and got married on june 21, 1975.

our life together – we played house in a little apartment in my hometown for the first year and then moved two hours north…to the campus of pacific christian college (now called hope international university) in fullerton, california.   we became the residence hall managers of the women’s dorm…and wanda worked as the secretary for academic dean and i became the director of the school’s recreation and athletic program.   i coached baseball and men’s and women’s volleyball.

during our four years on the campus,  i took another 50-60 hours of undergraduate bible classes and began preparing myself for graduate school.   ultimately,  i was able to take graduate classes at fuller theological seminary and pacific christian and graduated with my master’s degree in church growth, with an emphasis in preaching,  in 1981.

after spending my whole life working and serving as a member of the national city first christian church,  our move north introduced us to a new church…anaheim first christian church.   it was there i apprenticed in youth ministry for nearly five years…teaching,  leading worship,  directing summer camps,  leading wilderness trips,  discipling kids…all preparing me for my first full-time pastor gig .

from 1980 to 1990,  i was the youth and family minister at the huntington beach first christian church.   those years produced the following:   we bought our first home…had two boys,  chris in 1982 and corey in 1985…became a youth ministry professor at pacific…went back to school and studied marriage and family counseling (but decided not to get my license)…barely lived through a massive church building program (that forever shaped my attitude about church building campaigns)…preached regularly after the death of our beloved senior minister for about three years…led numerous international mission trips…finally figured out how to play the guitar and sing at the same time…played a mean third base…started coaching kid’s baseball…grew up a lot.

there was nothing i ever wanted more than to spend my the rest of my life doing youth ministry in huntington beach.   unfortunately,  youth ministers don’t get a vote…and god apparently had different plans for my life.   in 1990,  i resigned my position at the church in hb.   we began raising our missionary support and i went to work for amor ministries as the director of mission trips,  overseer of internships and the staff pastor.   along with that,  we joined with a group of other families to develop a new church plant in the inner city of east san diego.  an amazing experience!

almost from the moment i went to work for amor,  i began missing the joy of working as a youth pastor in a local church.   i suppose it was inevitable.    in 1995,  at the ripe young age of 4-0,  we sold most of what we owned and loaded up for the great state of texas…which we knew absolutely nothing about.   for the past seventeen years,  we have lived in north texas…assimilated the texas lifestyle as our own…watched our boys grow up in the perverted,  but amazing,  world of texas sports mania…taught youth ministry at dallas christian college…spent 13 more years doing youth ministry…and then the past five being the head preacher dude of a pretty incredible renegade church family.

all in all,  it’s been a pretty sweet 59 years.   same woman in my life for 43 years…two amazing boys…both of them following my lead by marrying up…way up…the great holden,  my first grandson and his little bro, nolan…assuming the role of defender and chief apologist of padre and charger reputations in the great state…and way more than i can write about in this space.

got any questions?  pass them on.   at this point,  there’s nothing to hide.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings Mike. Great to read your story. You’ve had an exciting ride. I remember your days at National City & PCC. Great to see you’re preaching & teaching. I noticed you signed up for the NINES just before I did.

  2. How cool is this, thanks for telling me about your blog. I will never get tired of learning from you and your wife, thanks. It was fun to read about your life. Your grandson is beyond cute, looks a lot like his daddy and grandma!
    Please pray for my Mom, she is very ill and not sure if she is going to make it much longer. My Dad’s is waiting for her in heaven I know, it has been hard to see her suffer so. Thanks for your prayers, they mean more than you know! When I was down to see her Cindy Dusterhoft joined me at the hospital one day. I love our HB family. Forever connected, thanks to your ministry there.

  3. Mike!
    Awesome to read your stuff! I laugh and feel much of what your talking about, senior minister? Wow! I can’t say bye to In and Out or brisket! good stuff, and the Mav’s were awesome! They stomped the Lakers! Sounds like God is still teaching and your still learning, I feel like I’m going to class everyday the things we are encountering sometimes I scratch my heart and just wonder how these situations even come to pass. The tornado threw all of us for a loop but two things happened. God once again has been so good through out the crisis and our foundations have been revealed. Minette and I just need to keep going to class, we love it and we’re finding it to be a great place to be with the Lord. On another note, what the heck is going on in L.A.? The Dodgers are in trouble! I might have to jump ship on all the L.A. teams! I’ll go Cardinals and Thunder!

  4. Mike. It was nice reading about your life before I met you and since you moved to Texas. I just listened to your srrmon about perspective. I am gonna try to call and say hello, if that’s OK. God Bless.

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